Individual treatment trolley

More than just “a table on wheels”

The Schlievet mobile treatment trolley was developed in collaboration with veterinary clinics to transport and treat patients more quickly and safely. It can be difficult and stressful for veterinary staff to transport patients in a small animal clinic and for the animal patients the handling can be very stressful.

With the innovative wheel concept, even heavy animals (up to 100 kg) can be transported quickly and safely inside and outside the practice or clinic. For example, from the anesthesia room to the operating room or from the parking lot to the veterinary clinic.

The trolley has a modular design and can be adapted in various configurations and also for individual requirements. Optionally, medical equipment rails for e.g. infusions or patient fixation as well as a battery system for more flexibility can also be configured.

Advantages of the Schlievet treatment trolley:

  • Fast and safe transportation of animals
  • Improved veterinary patient care
  • Reduced risk of injuries to employees, such as back problems caused by lifting heavy animals
  • Less stress for animal patients

Table top

The tabletop of the treatment trolley measures 120 x 60 cm.

The table top consists of a 13mm thick HPL (high-pressure laminate) plate with large curves at the corners. In addition and included with every treatment trolley is a 4mm thick, bluish-transparent PVC cover.

A standard equipment rail 25x10mm, each 90cm long, can be configured on both sides if desired or retrofitted if required. The medical equipment rails are used for attaching accessories such as an infusion holder or ejector trays.

Height-adjustable lifting column

The three-stage lifting column is very easy to clean thanks to its smooth surfaces.
The battery system offers the following power: 2.85Ah / 73.25 Wh.

  • Minimum working height of the table: 60cm
  • Maximum working height of the table: 110cm
  • Travel speed: 27 mm/s (unloaded)
  • Maximum load: 100kg

Operation by hand control

The HB80 hand control has an optimized, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. It is equipped with a spiral cable.

In case of a configuration without a medical device rail, the hand control can be conveniently hooked into an appropriate holder.

The control element is splash-proof thanks to protection class IPX4.

Innovative wheel system

The wheels can be quickly adjusted using a central foot lever. The adjustment options are either braked, freely movable or one roller is guided in the direction of travel.

This adjustment makes it easy to steer particularly heavy animals around bends (good cornering ability!). The wheels are very smooth-running and have a particularly quiet ride thanks to their double rollers.

Rollen geführt
Rollen geführt
Rollen frei
Rollen frei
Rollen fixiert
Rollen fixiert


Battery system
Retrofittable battery system: 2.85Ah / 73.25 Wh.
Medical equipment rail
On one or both sides, can also be retrofitted. Prerequisite for attaching accessories.
Fixation block
To attach accessories to the medical equipment rail.
Cable & hose holder
Reliably holds cables & hoses.
Infusion stand
30cm single-arm.
Ejector tray
For placing utensils during treatment.