More comfort and work made simple

The modular cages can be customized with a wide range of accessories to improve comfort and efficient working.

Here you will get an overview of frequently chosen accessories.
These facilitate the daily work with the animals and make the stay of your patients more pleasant.

Fixable single bowl
For clean cages and better organisation of water and food.
Pot holder + pot
To be fixed directly on the cage door. For syringes, food, medication and more.
Pivotable infrared heating lamp
With special door holder and distance adjustment. Incl. infrared bulb.
Fixable clipboard A4
With curved bracket to be attached on the grid doors.
Fixable clipboard A5
With curved brackets to be attached on the grid doors.
Fixable standard medical rail
To attach equipment (e.g. infusion pumps) using a medical equipment rail and a small infusion stand.
Fixation block for infusion stand
For stable holding of small or large infusion stands.
Infusion stand
For cages 30cm, single-armed.