Cat Friendly Clinic cages

Schlievet is cat specialist and offers individual solutions for your cat station.

The Schlievet Cat Friendly Clinic cages

Cats have special needs

Experts and nonprofessionals often recognize that visiting a veterinary clinic with cats can be very stressful for both cats and their owners due to their unique nature and needs. The ISFM’s Cat Friendly Clinic programme aims to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics, reducing stress for cats and making vet visits easier for cat owners too.

At Schlievet, we are attuned to this situation and develop cat friendly solutions that improve the stay of cats in hospitals. We draw on our own experience and the knowledge of experts such as Dr. Claudia Tassani-Prell (Cat Advocate, Tierklink Hofheim) or Dr. Angelika Drensler (founding member of German Group Cat Medicine), and many others.

CFC gold Logo

Schlievet for the Gold Cat Friendly Clinic status

Out of numerous problems reported to us by various staff from animal shelters, practices and clinics, we have developed a modular Cat Friendly Clinic cages concept. This consists of different cat box sizes, interior fittings and door options.

All this meets the requirements for the Cat Friendly Gold status. However, we go further to make it more pleasant for cats and staff to be together and to bring a more relaxed atmosphere into the ward.

Visiting the cat ward at the veterninary clinic in Hofheim (Germany)

Dr. Tassani-Prell, senior physician of the cat ward and Cat Advocate of the clinic reports on the important points of the facility on the cat ward.

Tierklinik Hofheim

Cat friendly boxes

Our cat boxes are made of white, light-coloured glass fibre reinforced plastic. Unlike metal cages, they do not transmit the animal’s body heat and are bright and friendly.

To ensure a pleasant stay for cats, we have the following standard equipment in our range:

  • removable cat hiding place
  • plastic door with privacy screen at the bottom
  • gradient and collecting gutter

Cage sizes & door options

65×65 cm

For a stay of less than 24 hours, the size 65×65 cm is recommended.

Find the three different door options to the right.

Macrolon door with holes at the top
Stainless steel grid door
Tight Macrolon door

100×65 cm

For a stay of more than 24 hours, the size 100x65cm is recommended.

The mounting of the doors depends on whether the hideaway box is chosen on the right or left side.

Macrolon door with holes at the top
Grid door & Macrolon door

Equipment options

Cat board

Allows the cat to sit and lay in an elevated position.

Removable hideaway

Offers cats the possibility to hide or sit elevated.

Pivotable bowl holder

Makes feeding possible without opening the cage.

Litter stop

Horizontal plastic panel to keep the litter where it is.

Outer panelling

For hygienic cleaning, gapless design.

Small sliding doors

For a smooth change from the transport box to the cage.

Calm, stress-free atmosphere for cat and staff