Flexible use of the dental tub for different operations & treatments!

Dental tub for vets:

The dental table model “Oberhaching”

Product features of the dental tub for vets

1. Ergonomic rounding in the front

2. GRP tub (approx. 6.5 cm deep)

3. Integrated drain for hygienic cleaning with the shower head (can be supplemented with bucket or waste water connection)

4. Equipment rails on both sides to attach accessories (optional)

5. Electrically height-adjustable lifting foot (with optional hand or foot control)

6. Optional stainless steel stand plate or floor bolting connection

A one-of-a-kind for veterinary dentistry

Of course, a functional, hygienically easy-to-clean operating and treatment table should not be missing from the practice furnishings. The Schlievet dental tub for vets is ideally suited for dental operations. The dental treatment table model Oberhaching impresses with its slim, decent shape with rounding at the front.

Depending on the available space in your veterinary practice or veterinary clinic and whether you rather treat pets and cats or larger dogs, we offer two different sizes of the dental table. The smaller dental treatment table measures 100 x 40 cm, the standard size is 140 x 50 cm. In addition, for large dogs, a side table extension can also be added, which can be attached to the side of the medical equipment rail.

Dr. Lorenz Schmid about the dental tub

Developed by professionals for professionals

TK Oberhaching
Tierklinik Oberhaching

The dental table for veterinary medicine was developed in close cooperation with the veterinary clinic and specialist veterinarians for veterinary dentistry Dr. Cathrin Zehetmeier and Dr. Lorenz Schmid in Oberhaching near Munich. With more than 1,000 operations and numerous dental training courses for veterinarians and veterinary assistants each year, the highest demands are being made on the equipment.

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Schlievet dental tubs for vets

The dental tub for vets model Oberhaching is specially optimised for dental treatments in veterinary medicine. It is designed as a dental treatment table with drainage to enable hygienic and quick cleaning after dental surgery with a water hose. Furthermore, the dental tray can also be used in a variety of ways, e.g. for coprostases or other veterinary operations where water and body fluids occur.

The stainless steel support grids and all components are designed for improved cleaning to meet the highest hygiene requirements. The height adjustment of the electric lifting foot guarantees ergonomic working during long dental operations. The curvature at the front allows comfortable working, even with two people. Without disturbing corners and with well thought-out details, working is more efficient and fun. The dental treatment tables for veterinary medicine from Schlievet are thus versatile and optimised for longevity.

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Dental tub sizes

The Schlievet dental treatment table is available in two sizes. This allows you to choose what suits your veterinary practice or veterinary clinic best, depending on your individual space requirements or special type of animal.


Standard: 140 x 50 cm

The standard size is suitable for all types of animals and offers enough space even for larger dogs. If required, a side table extension can also be attached for this purpose.


Small: 100 x 40 cm

Particularly suitable when space is limited and for small dogs, cats and pets.

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The height-adjustable lifting foot works quietly and smoothly.

It can be adjusted in height from approx. 70 – 110 cm either by hand or foot switch.

The great advantage of the electric lifting column table is that there is no danger of getting squeezed when working on the table, as it can be the case with scissor lift feet.

Dental tub floor mounting

Zahntisch 10-4 RK kleine Bodenplatte mGS

Floor bolting

Screwing the table into the floor minimizes the required area on the floor and maximizes stability. This ensures comfortable, stable working.

Zahntisch 10-4 RK große Bodenplatte mGS

Base plate

The base plate is made of stainless steel and offers more flexibility in positioning. The eccentric mounting ensures maximum leg and foot space.


The table on wheels is useful if you want it to be transportable from one room to another. A bucket, hook & hose for the drain can be found in our accessories.

Dental tub table accessories for veterinary medicine

PVC mat, bluish-transparent
With cut rounding for the dental table.
Dental tub support grid
Grid made of stainless steel, 1/3 semicircular at the front, 2/3 angular at the back.
Dental tub support plastic plate
Solid plastic plate 1/3 or continuous, perforated or unperforated.
Drainage system
Set incl. bucket, hook and plastic drain pipe.
Hose holder
Flower with claw for 25x10mm medical rail.
Infusion stand
80cm or 120 cm, two-armed. Incl. tube locking block for medical equipment rail.
Fixation block
With sheet clip.
Ejector tray
Incl. tube locking block for medical equipment rail. Small 30x20cm, large 38x26cm.
Table extension
To be attached to the side of the medical equipment rail. Especially practical for large dogs.
Positioning aid, long
For positioning the patient on its back. Can be inserted into the grids of the table. Combinable.
Positioning aid, short
For positioning the patient on its back. Can be inserted into the grids of the table. Combinable.