Interior fittings for cages

The modular cages from Schlievet can be completely adapted to your individual requirements with a variety of equipment and accessories. The interior equipment of the cages is permanently installed with the cage and should definitely be planned in advance.

The Schlievet accessories can be mounted at any time later. Here you get an overview of frequently chosen interior equipment for cages. We are also happy to implement your ideas – please contact us.

Käfige Tierheim Schweiz
The waterproof panelling improves hygiene and is easy to clean.
Cat sitting bench
Are loved by cats. They are easily removable and easy to clean. (Size: 25x68cm)
Horizontal pass-through hatches
Allow opening and separation between cages.
Vertical pass-through hatches
Allow opening and separation between cages.
Floor heating
Temperature regulated to 40°C. Sensors guarantee maximum safety.
Slope & collecting channel
Prevents liquids from running into lower boxes.
Removable partition walls
Partitions facilitate cleaning and increase the capacity of the cages.
Cuddle partition wall
Especially useful for rabbits. Cuddling GO, mating NO!
Litter stop
Prevents cat and pet litter from falling out. Easy to remove.
Hiding box
As a safe space for a stress-free stay of cats & pets. Easy to remove.
Small sliding door HPL
To make it easier to bring cats out of the trap. Made of robust HPL.
Small sliding door grid
To make it easier to bring cats out of the trap. Made of stainless steel grid.
For flexible moving of the cages in any other room necessary.
Plastic plate to be srewed in
For a 60x60cm grid door, incl. hose nozzle. For hose with 6mm inner diameter (1/4'').
Plastic door
Increases the sealing of the cage. Available for 60×60cm and 65×65cm (Cat Friendly) cages.
Integrated sockets
Horizontal or vertical. Provide uncomplicated power supply directly at the cage.
Pivotable bowl holder
For feral cats and easy handling.
Ensures optimal illumination of individual boxes and cages.
BairHugger inlet
Opening for the 3M BairHugger wam air blower. The door can be fixed with the star knob.