Modulare Käfige

Reduce your patients' mortality with the help of controlled oxygen administration.

Oxygen cages

The safe and smart oxygen box for animals

  • CO2 absorber with sensors and soda lime monitoring
  • Automatic oxygen control 20-70% (flooding in approx. 1 minute, depending on size)
  • Active cooling
  • Active dehumidification
  • Sealed doors
  • Cable and hose inlet
  • Touch control
  • Two sensor-controlled floor heaters
  • WiFi connection
  • Oxygen consumption measurement
  • Various messages, optical and acoustic alarms
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Oxygen cages save lives

Oxygen application has become an essential part of modern intensive care medicine. However, oxygen boxes often pose a risk due to high temperatures and uncontrollable oxygen and CO2 levels. The latest generation of oxygen boxes solves these problems with state-of-the-art sensor and control technology.


Sizes (internal dimensions in cm):

  • S (54 x 54 x 65)
  • M (84 x 54 x 65)
  • L (114 x 54 x 65)
  • XL (114 x 74 x 65)
  • XXL (144 x 74 x 65)

Ecofriendly service

The Intensobox oxygen cages are designed to be service-friendly. Our team can carry out a remote maintenance via Wi-Fi. Sensors are not consumables and do not need to be extensivly calibrated. Parts can be repaired without much effort and replaced in small modules, in most cases by the user himself. This saves costs and protects the environment.