Cages, tables and tubs for veterinary clinics

The vet clinic Hofheim: Interview with Dr. Kosfeld

Veterinary clinics have special requirements regarding the size, equipment and capacity of the boxes in the different wards.

  • Quarantine station
  • Pet station
  • Cat station
  • Dog station walk-in, modular or mixed
  • Dental station
  • Treatment rooms

Proper design and integration of equipment must not only meet existing standards, it also improves working processes and the safety for the staff.

Over the years, we have equipped countless veterinary clinics with a wide variety of boxes and solutions. Our well-matched system solutions always impress with excellent handling with well thought-out details for satisfied staff, patients and customers. Our slogan is: There’s no such thing as can’t be done. We are happy to assist you in word and deed with any rebuilding or new construction.


Example 1: Cat and dog station in a vet clinic (2023)

The dog station: Modular cages on half-height walk-in boxes

  • Total width: 5.62m / total height: approx. 1.90m
  • 3x cages 120x80cm
  • 2x cages 90x80cm
  • 4x half-height walk-in boxes (height 1m) with 2 hinged doors each
  • Equipment: 3x permanently installed cage heaters, 8x double sockets, 4x medical equipment rails on the door of the walk-in boxes, with external paneling

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The cat station: Cat Friendly Clinic cages

  • 12x Cat Friendly Clinic cages >24h (100x65cm)
  • 19x Cat Friendly Clinic cages <24h (65x65cm)
  • Equipment: 32x double sockets, 12x Cat Friendly hiding boxes, with external paneling

Example 2: Modular cages in a vet clinic (2023)

  • Total width: 5.29m / total height: approx. 1.64m
  • 2x cages 120x60cm and 120x80cm each
  • 3x cages 60x60cm and 90x80cm each
  • 1x cage 90x60cm
  • Equipment: 5x permanently installed cage heaters, 7x double sockets, 2x partition walls, with external paneling

For an enlarged view, you may click through the pictures.

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