The surgery tub for vets

Table and tub at the same time

Almost unchanged for 30 years, it does its job wherever things get dirty – from intestinal irrigation to gastric rotation. When water is involved and work is done in a sitting position for long periods of time, this tub is indispensable. Made of robust, fiberglass-reinforced plastic with large radii and high-quality welded grids for optimal cleaning.

The surgical tub is particularly suitable for use in veterinary practices and veterinary clinics. Depending on your individual situation, you can choose from three different floor attachments. This way the operating table can also be used mobile in the practice.

We configure your durable, robust and practical operating table for your daily routine in the operating room. Please feel free to contact us!

Configuration options

Star base
Floor bolting
4 pcs. braked.
PVC layer
Made of stainless steel.
Made of stainless steel. If there is no permanently installed drain.

Floor mounting options

Operarionswanne, höhenverstellbar auf Standfuß

Star base

The cross base is made of stainless steel and offers more flexibility in positioning. The eccentric mounting ensures maximum leg and foot room.

Operarionswanne am Boden verschraubt

Floor bolting

Eine Verschraubung des Tisches im Boden minimiert die notwendige Fläche am Boden und maximiert die Standfestigkeit. Das sichert ein angenehmes, stabiles Arbeiten.



The table on wheels is useful when it should be transportable from one room to another. A bucket, hook and hose for the drain can be found in our accessories.