The multifuntional tub for vets

The all-rounder

The proven concept has recently been reworked. The new multifunctional tub has now a rounded frontside. This makes it more comfortable to work together and prevents bruises. As the name implies, the tub is very versatile and is therefore very well suited for various applications in veterinary practices and veterinary clinics.

The tub has three levels in which the animals can be treated. It is possible to work in a seated position as well as in a standing position. Due to the large radii, the tub can be cleaned excellently.

Upon request we can also realize individual designs for you. Please get in touch with us!

Three levels allow maximum flexibility

Level 1

For e.g. dental treatments, washing off dirty utensils, for coprostases.

Level 2

Washing of laying dogs, for coprostases – everywhere where a splash guard is needed.

Level 3

On the bottom level, for example, dogs can be showered or bathed while standing.


Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
Frame/grid made of stainless steel


Light grey (standard)
Electropolished stainless steel

Size: 157 x 62 cm (standard)

Height: 85 cm (standard)

Accessories for the vet tub

Medical rail
Lateral equipment rails (standard size: 25x10mm).
Bottom shelf
HPL plate for storage underneath the tub.
Rollers 4 pcs. (with brakes).
Stainless steel grid
Rounded in front. Instead of 2x plastic plates.
Perforated bottom plate
Suitable for the lower level. Made of plastic.
All around covered with HPL. Can be opened from the side.
Made of stainless steel. If there is no permanently installed drain.
Tube holder
Flower with claw for 25x10mm medical rail.
Fixation block
With sheet clip.
Ejector tray
Incl. tube locking block for medical equipment rail. Small 30x20cm, Large 38x26cm.
Infusion stand
80cm or 120 cm, two-armed. Incl. tube locking block for medical equipment rail.