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Modular animal cages

Animal cages for animal welfare and good handling

We have had our animal-friendly housing certified by the Austrian Animal Welfare Association. Since 2023, we are also cooperating with the German Animal Welfare Association. Members of the German Animal Welfare Association can obtain our cages at reduced prices.

With modular animal cages, patients in veterinary practices, veterinary clinics and animal shelters are housed with the best possible respect. With optimized animal welfare, employees are safer and have more fun at work. We successfully make this possible through decades of experience and the individual planning of the boxes together with you.

Whether it’s sizes, built-in components such as cat benches and glass doors, or extras such as a swiveling bowl holders or heaters. From intensive care units to dog stations, pet stations and cat stations to quarantine stations, from large dogs to cats to hamsters – modular animal cages from Schlievet can be optimized for any application through numerous sizes and with extensive equipment options. We are happy to help you with the individual planning of your new station or practice facility.

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Warm, bright, clean – Relaxed and hygienic

The modular boxes are made of high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic. They have been in daily use in countless practices, clinics and animal shelters for over 30 years. Schlievet cages are warm and quiet. The surface is smooth, resistant and bright. Very large molded corners, combined with high quality stainless steel, allow very easy cleaning for exceptionally high hygiene standards.

The modular cages for animals are enhanced for optimal sound insulation so that your patients are more relaxed and healthy. For safe and hygienic cleaning, the boxes are designed without connecting plates, unnecessary silicone joints and gaps. A flawless hygiene concept not only pleases the fine animal nose – it also brings more fun at work and guarantees time to get back to basics.

Cat Friendly Clinic design

From a house cat to a Bengal feline predator – who has not experienced that?

Cats have special requirements that need to be understood. If you stick to certain rules, you will reap purrs and a loving ball of fur. Cat Friendly design has always been lived and manifested into guidelines by the ISFM organization, among others. We meet these guidelines with our Cat Friendly cages. We have further developed them and in cooperation with experts we have worked out a comprehensive concept.

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Start your cage configuration

Advantages & strengths of Schlievet animal cages

Our proven modular cage system is as individual as your requirements. A large selection of equipment options and accessories expands the cage system according to your needs.

Body made of sturdy,
light & warm
glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Extensive equipment
and accessories available

Closures and
cage parts extra-quiet.

Doors made of stainless steel
or glass are possible.
Also as double doors.

Rounded corners & edges
and smooth surfaces allow hygienic and quick cleaning.

Meets quarantine
requirements through
gapless design.