Quarantine boxes for animal shelters

Animal shelters are always faced with the challenge of accommodating animals in large numbers and with a wide variety of pre-existing conditions. Busy wards and quarantine stations, plus the high hygiene requirements are a challenge for all staff.

With our special quarantine boxes, we want to help improve hygiene in animal shelters, simplify cleaning and thus make work easier so that all helpers can concentrate on the really important things. Extremely rounded corners, stainless steel and cage combinations that are sealed all around help facilitating the daily routines.

We will be happy to help you with the right equipment, planning and with funding opportunities. Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

Schlievet cages meet quarantine guidelines

Quarantine stations at vets and veterinary clinics and in animal shelters must meet special requirements for hygienic cleaning. Here, it is not only the quality of the box that is crucial, but also the overall construction and interior design. This is where the requirements are very individual.

Our boxes meet prevailing hygiene and animal welfare standards and exceed them by far in most cases. With a variety of equipment such as hiding boxes, seating benches and tunnels, it is not only the fosterlings who have more fun during their stay. We are happy to assist you in designing a suitable solution for your quarantine station.

Käfige Tierheim Schweiz



The Verden animal shelter has had a new quarantine room equipped with cat friendly Schlievet cages.


The Hamburg Animal Welfare Association has created a new accommodation for its cats with the cat friendly Schlievet cages.

New boxes for the cats of Hamburg

From metal to warm plastic