Customisable treatment table

Variable, ergonomic, practical

The treatment table is particularly suitable for veterinary practices and veterinary clinics. The tabletop is available in a variety of finishes. Either an HPL (high pressure laminate) top or a  GRP top (glass fiber reinforced plastic).

The three-stage lifting column can be lowered to a low working height of 60 cm so that heavy dogs do not have to be lifted. Available with hand or foot switch.

Unlike scissor lift tables, there is no risk of jamming with the lifting column. Cleaning is much easier and standing at the table is also much more comfortable thanks to the rounded corners.

Tierklinik Behandlungstisch


The table top of the treatment table is available in the size 120 x 60cm.

The tabletop material can be either glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) or high-pressure laminate (HPL). The tabletop of the treatment table has large rounded corners. In addition and included with every treatment table is a 4 mm thick, bluish-transparent PVC cover.

A 25x10mm medical equipment rail, each 90cm long, can be configured on both sides if required or retrofitted if necessary. The medical equipment rails are used for attaching accessories such as an infusion holder or ejector trays.

Control switch

The HB80 hand control has an optimized, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. It is equipped with a spiral cable. Thanks to IPX4 it is splash-proof.

The foot control is wireless and can be placed anywhere on the floor.


Height-adjustable lifting column

The three-stage lifting column is very easy to clean thanks to its smooth surfaces.
The battery system offers the following power: 2.85Ah / 73.25 Wh.
Up to two batteries can be used simultaneously.

Minimum working height of the table: 60cm
Maximum working height of the table: 110cm
Travel speed: 27 mm/s (unloaded)
Maximum load: 100kg

Floor mounting

Behandlungstisch mit Bodenverschraubung

With floor bolting

Behandlungstisch mit Bodenplatte

With base plate

Behandlungstisch mit Bodenplatte auf Rollen

With base plate on wheels


Medical equipment rail
Rechargeable battery system
Infusion stand
Hose holder
Fixation block
Ejector tray