Customisable treatment tables

Product features

Table top material

– glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
– optional high-pressure laminate (HPL) plate


Grey (standard)


120 x 60 cm (standard)
Individual sizes are possible with HPL.


50 – 80 cm
Floor mounting
Floor bolting (standard)
Optional: Large base plate


PVC transparent (standard)

Behandlungstisch 120x60

The three-stage lifting column can be lowered to a very low height of 45 cm so that heavy dogs do not have to be lifted.

Unlike scissor lift tables, there is no risk of getting jammed. Cleaning is much easier and standing at the table is more comfortable.

Of course, we can also provide you with other equipment and customised products on request.

The mobile treatment table: flexibility, ergonomics, safety

The Schlievet mobile treatment table was developed in cooperation with veterinary clinics to counteract the lack of space through flexibility, to transport and treat patients faster and safer. With the innovative wheel concept, even heavy patients can be transported quickly and safely inside and outside the practice or clinic. The unit is modular and can be adapted in various configurations and also for individual requirements.

Optional equipment:

  • Central wheel brake with one handle for 4 wheels.
  • Directional wheels for better turning
  • Rechargeable battery for more flexibility
  • Individual plate size
  • Medical equipment rails for e.g. infusions or patient fixation
Fahrbarer Behandlungstisch

Low treatment level


High treatment level