Our Standards, Our Goals

What you can expect from our cage base:

  • Cages need to be easy to clean and disinfect.
  • There cannot be dirty corners or sharp edges, as these can lead to injury of animals or cares. Large area preferential.
  • The cage base can be adapted. A tray can be inserted and removed without have to open the cage doors. This is very practical in a recovery cage to avoid contamination of the inner pan.
  • For long term usage the cage needs to adapt to the temperature of the patient without use of an extra heating system.
  • If extra heating is required, for example infrared light, then the temperature needs to be evenly distributed within the cage.
  • From our experience, this is why we recommend fiberglass Polyester for the cage base.
  • For mice we recommend using modular plastic cages.

Our Standards for Cage Doors:

  • We recommend that all cages wider than 60cm are dual level type doors. This enables easier access and security.
  • The distance between the grid rods should not exceed 23mm.
  • Mouse cages have a grid cover with standard measurements.
  • The latch should be both easy to use and secure. They should be constructed that they latch in above and underneath, without the necessity of a bar in between.
  • The doors should be easy to take off (without tools) for cleaning and disinfection purposes.
  • The doors are made of a non corrosive stainless steel, with polished surface.

What you can expect when assembling our cages:

  • We cater for all your needs, no matter what you space and cage requirement should be.
  • Our cages can be assembled together securely. Horizontal grout are minimized and sealed with silicon.
  • If required we can supply a waterproof lining, panel, covering etc.
  • Our cages are made from stable non corrosive stainless steel, which are covered by waterproof, removable panels.
  • It goes without saying that no patient should be able to crawl underneath or between the cages..